Growing from $2M to $15M in 20 months with the Right Systems and Mindset

Lance Bachmann

Lance Bachmann is the founder of 1SEO Digital Agency, a Digital Marketing firm dedicated to achieving success for clients through proven and ethical internet marketing strategies. He is also the Co-Founder of Shock I.T. Support, the Vice President for Yellow Pages, and the owner of home-service-based businesses. He is releasing an upcoming book titled “Let it RIP!”, where he shares his personal story and how this has helped him grow his businesses further.

In this episode, we talked about sales, advertising, employee growth, hustle, business mentality, partnerships…

Show notes

  • Introducing Lance Bachmann. [1:12]
  • The various companies that Lance owns. [1:32]
  • Lance talks about his career with Yellow Pages. [2:09]
  • Lance’s personal life and why he doesn’t regret the path he chose. [3:06]
  • What Lance would always share during his talks in juvenile delinquent places. [4:55]
  • Why Lance stayed in Philadelphia. [8:15]
  • How Lance fell in love with working on campaigns to help businesses grow. [9:21]
  • Lance talks about growing a $2 million dollar company into $15 million. [11:15]
  • The purpose of advertising in sales. [11:41]
  • The first thing that Lance always does after buying a company. [12:52]
  • Lance talks about the two types of mentality in business. [15:41]
  • Why Lance had to constantly recruit for his company. [17:37]
  • What Lance looks for in a business partner. [19:31]
  • What people rarely understand about multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. [21:30]
  • The struggle with most small business owners. [24:49]
  • Why Lance believes that he’s still a good salesman. [31:31]
  • Lance shares a story about how their employees didn’t understand what the company was doing for them. [34:25]
  • Why there needs to be a balancing act between employers and employees. [34:58]
  • The problem with most company founders nowadays. [36:41]
  • The biggest challenge for Tommy with A1 right now. [40:56]
  • Lance talks about wanting OneSEO to expand and grow even further if ever he sells the company. [43:06]
  • What Lance did after leaving Vertical Track. [44:04]
  • Lance talks about the importance of making money alongside employing people in his company. [46:39]
  • What makes a partnership tick. [47:31]
  • Lance talks about business partnerships that end. [51:29]
  • The importance of using AI and its corresponding tools for your business. [53:44]
  • Why OneSEO is the best digital agency there is. [55:51]
  • Lance talks about his upcoming book, “Let It RIP.” [57:08]
  • How to get more information about Lance. [1:03:09]
  • Three books on Lance’s reading list. [1:06:14]
  • Lance’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:07:36]

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