The 8 Profit Activators You Can Trigger in Your Business Right Now with Dean Jackson

Dean Jackson

Dean Jackson is the co-Founder of 90-Minute Books and the owner of NewInformation since 2003. He has been helping entrepreneurs and realtors make more money as a real estate coach and internet marketer. Dean also co-hosts the ILoveMarketing.com podcast and is the author of “Breakthrough DNA: The 8-Profit Activators,” where he shares ideas on how to accelerate business growth regardless of the entrepreneur’s current situation.

In this episode, we talked about marketing strategies, client referrals, customer relationships…

Show notes

  • Introducing Dean Jackson. [2:44]
  • The story behind how Dean got into real estate coaching. [4:04]
  • The benefits of direct marketing in real estate. [9:10]
  • The three divisions of a business. [11:16]
  • How to use influencer marketing to build relationships with customers. [14:35]
  • The value of referrals and customer loyalty. [19:41]
  • The concept of “click-word” response in gaining referrals. [29:16]
  • Reverse engineering high-probability value conversations. [32:28]
  • Spring market trends and how this affects the industry. [36:52]
  • The importance of nurturing lifelong relationships. [39:04]
  • Creating a real metric around the business. [45:03]
  • Recognizing the role of the clientele in growing your numbers. [46:06]
  • Maintaining good prices and good quality. [48:35]
  • Why you need to create a status symbol for your brand. [49:06]
  • Three books on Dean’s reading list. [55:41]
  • How to get more information about Dean. [57:01]
  • Dean’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [57:42]

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