Streamlining Your Booking Process to Close More Customers with Austin Haller

Austin Haller

Austin Haller is the founder of Schedule Engine, a customer service support solution for home service contractors. Prior to founding Schedule Engine, he owned and led a $30 million energy company, which he and a financial partner acquired and sold for thrice the invested capital in less than 3 years. Armed with about 15 years of direct experience in the home service industry, he has been focused on bringing pioneering technology and services to contractors.

In this episode, we talked about team building, strategic planning, operations management…

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Book a demo of Schedule Engine HERE.

Show notes

  • Introducing Austin Haller. [1:10]
  • More information about Austin. [3:15]
  • A brief overview of how Schedule Engine works for contractors. [6:52]
  • Filling contractors’ scheduling needs through automation. [8:47]
  • The definition of capacity. [12:12]
  • How technology makes things more convenient for customers. [16:20]
  • Understanding native integrations. [19:07]
  • Reducing the burden on your CSR team and encouraging more sales. [20:58]
  • Whether or not technology can ever fully replace humans. [29:22]
  • Thoughts on private equity. [33:00]
  • Some of the areas of focus that a lot of contractors are missing right now. [38:03]
  • Building a strong reputation to succeed long term. [41:15]
  • The importance of scheduling flexibility in home service. [43:50]
  • The best, shortest, or most creative ways to link to your website. [49:43]
  • Managing negative customer feedback. [52:05]
  • Possible AI advancements in the foreseeable future. [54:45]
  • How to get more information about Austin. [56:29]
  • Three books on Austin’s reading list. [57:38]
  • Austin’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:02:17]

Business vision

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